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The Return of Doctor Lazarus!

Also, the Return of Johnny Onassis! And the introduction of Hannah, Lady Winterbottom.

Had a lot of fun playing around with grayscale on this one. Decided to go with a nice, short strip so I could play around and try different techniques on different panels. Here’s a couple variations:

I really dig the German Expressionist Woodcut look on that last one.

America’s Next Top Revolutionary

Hello, Government Watch-dogs: Strictly a fanciful jest! I don’t really want to over-throw society…heck, makin’ comics is about American as you can get! Even more than Jazz, I think they are the most purely American of the Arts (even if the French do it better).

So I have my own version of Patreon going: In response to the numerous requests by friends to “put me in your comic!”, I will draw in anybody who buys me a beer. First up: my bestest friend Nuvia (here known as Floja), who will totally do anything for another Stoli.


Der Familieneinspruch (The Intervention)

If this seems like a private, family joke to you, well, it is. I hope you still find it funny. Many thanks to the wonderful Juliane (here known as Ilsa) who helped me with the German, and is also a swell human being. Thanks also to Snacks (AKA Winifred, AKA Deanna), without whom there wouldn’t even be this stupid comic.

Deanna, sorry that this doesn’t look much like you. I was mostly trying not to give you Man-hands this time.

And here is where I unleashed Gutmeisterlich for the first time upon an unsuspecting world.

Skinner, Adler, Piaget, Lenin

This one was so long overdue that I didn’t have the patience to color it. It also features the debuts of both Lulu’s new hair-do, and the (also long overdue) introduction of her brother, who, in real life, is not quite so muscular (but he’s close). Most of you following me will get the Battleship Potemkin reference, but if it went over your head, go¬†here.

Also, if you’d like to get your own copy of German Expressionist Woodcuts (and who wouldn’t?), go here.

Try Not To Judge Me (Revised)

My first stab at coloring/shading, after staying up all night watching tutorials on YouTube. Really hard to go back on finished panels and add all this. Now that I have the process down it should be a lot quicker (and the finished work should be a lot more polished). Honestly, I was just getting tired there towards the end. Not sure to what degree I’ll be adding colors and/or shading to future MCL strips, as I’ve grown quite fond of the look as it was, but at least I know how to do it. Big thanks to Dr. C. and Aaron for their support and encouragement.

This Happens Every Time We Go To NYC….

This is more or less a true story. Lanah & I had gone into Barney’s to browse, and as soon as I touched something, this smarmy clerk materialized at my elbow, concerned that someone who was clearly not a robber-baron was shopping in his department. Maybe someday I’ll write a comic about the time I made Lanah try on a dress at Brooks Brothers.

Tales of Ordinary Baldness

I know that making Bukowski jokes is pushing the limits of obscurity, but I was never in this for mass appeal. I came up with the idea for this as a New Yorker-style cartoon a few years ago, and adapted it for MCL, as I will slowly and surely recycle every joke I’ve ever come up with.
I’m planning on trying to color (or at least apply shading to) this one, so it will hopefully be re-posted soon.