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America’s Next Top Revolutionary

Hello, Government Watch-dogs: Strictly a fanciful jest! I don’t really want to over-throw society…heck, makin’ comics is about American as you can get! Even more than Jazz, I think they are the most purely American of the Arts (even if the French do it better).

So I have my own version of Patreon going: In response to the numerous requests by friends to “put me in your comic!”, I will draw in anybody who buys me a beer. First up: my bestest friend Nuvia (here known as Floja), who will totally do anything for another Stoli.



I had the basic idea for this one ten years ago, or more. Just couldn’t figure out a way to frame it properly, plus I’m a really lazy person, at heart. Now that I’m drawing regularly, it’s a lot more fun, and less work, to see an idea through to fruition.