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Der Familieneinspruch (The Intervention)

If this seems like a private, family joke to you, well, it is. I hope you still find it funny. Many thanks to the wonderful Juliane (here known as Ilsa) who helped me with the German, and is also a swell human being. Thanks also to Snacks (AKA Winifred, AKA Deanna), without whom there wouldn’t even be this stupid comic.

Deanna, sorry that this doesn’t look much like you. I was mostly trying not to give you Man-hands this time.

And here is where I unleashed Gutmeisterlich for the first time upon an unsuspecting world.


Conflicting Itineraries

My most ambitious one yet, and I somehow did it all in around 2 hours. Many thanks to Lanah for help with copy-editing. If I’m remembered for nothing else, I would love to be the one who brought the german word “gutmeisterlich” into wider usage.