This Happens Every Time We Go To NYC….

This is more or less a true story. Lanah & I had gone into Barney’s to browse, and as soon as I touched something, this smarmy clerk materialized at my elbow, concerned that someone who was clearly not a robber-baron was shopping in his department. Maybe someday I’ll write a comic about the time I made Lanah try on a dress at Brooks Brothers.

Tales of Ordinary Baldness

I know that making Bukowski jokes is pushing the limits of obscurity, but I was never in this for mass appeal. I came up with the idea for this as a New Yorker-style cartoon a few years ago, and adapted it for MCL, as I will slowly and surely recycle every joke I’ve ever come up with.
I’m planning on trying to color (or at least apply shading to) this one, so it will hopefully be re-posted soon.