Monthly Archives: June 2015

Jasper Has a Nemesis!

My first experiment in full color. Unfortunately I didn’t save the swatch palette after the first panel, and then Lanah closed Illustrator and I haven’t yet figured out how to recover them or sample them from previous documents (although it’s easy in Photoshop!) The hardest part was getting the gradient on the “FWOOSH” when Laz lights his cig.

There is a real Doctor Lazarus. He did indeed offer Lanah & me some Starburst at a Beer Festival. I didn’t see how he left, but I doubt very much that it was through a tentacly portal.

According to WordPress, someone found My Cousin Lenin via the search term “Narnia pornocomic”. I will definitely be tagging this one “Tentacles”, ┬áto see how many more visits I get from Japan (Jessey, spread the word over there!)

Try Not To Judge Me (Revised)

My first stab at coloring/shading, after staying up all night watching tutorials on YouTube. Really hard to go back on finished panels and add all this. Now that I have the process down it should be a lot quicker (and the finished work should be a lot more polished). Honestly, I was just getting tired there towards the end. Not sure to what degree I’ll be adding colors and/or shading to future MCL strips, as I’ve grown quite fond of the look as it was, but at least I know how to do it. Big thanks to Dr. C. and Aaron for their support and encouragement.